About CBD

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is the major compound found in all cannabis plants that is responsible for its revolutionary health promoting properties.

CBD or Cannabidiol, is like a brother or sister to the more commonly known compound THC. However, unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, so is safe for the whole family as it produces no high.

CBD oil is currently taking the world by storm by offering a legal way to maintain your health with the natural benefits of Cannabis. CBD is 100% legal in the UK as a food product. Recent developments in the understanding of CBD and the innovations in the extraction process, have resulted in the explosion of the CBD industry, across the UK and worldwide.

UK CBD Market?

With CBD oil's popularity in the UK growing by the day, the need for transparency and real knowledge about the products available online and in stores, grows alongside. A google search of 'CBD oil UK' pulls up countless products called 'Hemp Oil'. It is important to distinguish between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil. What hemp oil generally means is that the oil you are buying is extracted from the seeds, not the actual plant, and made in part, if not mostly, with Sunflower Oil or other oil products while the CBD content is very low strength. This is where UK Wellness are here to take over. We have become official stockist's of Canabidol™, who are currently the UK's best selling brand of 100% Cannabis Oil products. 


Canabidol's range of products are industry leading in terms of potency and uptake, making them hard not to choose when looking for a brand to rely on.

Canabidol™ was founded by a passion for their customers' core values of quality, trust and integrity. Their primary focus is giving customers exactly what they want and need: a brand they can trust, a brand they can rely on and a brand they can now depend upon. Canabidol's mission is to enrich peoples lives with the benefits of CBD, by developing and producing only the finest and purest quality cannabis products, while never compromising on quality. With their commitment to excellence and dedication to quality, it is not hard to see why they are the best.

Canabidol™ products are now available throughout the United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. While they continue to develop the business globally they continue to develop new products from their research facility in the South East of England.

Benefits of CBD

CBD is fully legal to be sold in the UK as a food supplement. When companies make medicinal claims, the oil then requires authorisation by the MHRA. Products on this site are sold as food supplements that have health promoting properties, being from the Cannabis plant. We advise you, as a customer, to look into the health benefits of CBD oil. Simply, by law, we are unable to state any medicinal benefits CBD oil may have.

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